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Induction Ceremony
Each year, an induction dinner and portrait unveiling ceremony is held. The evening event honours the work and impact on Canada’s wellbeing of the chosen inductees.

Ceremony tickets will be available for purchase in September.

Featured Inductee Story

Robynne Anderson - 2017 Inductee

Celebrating the Legacy of Robynne Anderson:

A Catalyst for Change in Global Agriculture

Robynne Anderson, a prominent figure in the agricultural landscape, has secured her place in the esteemed Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. Hailing from a family seed farm in Manitoba, Anderson’s deep connection to the industry has propelled her to become a driving force in the Canadian seed sector, both domestically and globally. With her unwavering commitment to progress, she has championed causes that have reverberated throughout the entire agricultural value chain.


Starting her career in agricultural advocacy, Anderson played a crucial role in shaping legislation impacting the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act while working as a special assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister. Armed with her political insights and agricultural background, she ventured into the private sector, founding Issues Ink—an agricultural publishing and consulting company that fearlessly tackled complex issues in the  Canadian seed industry.


Anderson’s contributions extend far beyond the borders of Canada. As the founder of Farming First, an internationally recognized coalition, she has emerged as a leading voice for global agriculture advocacy, representing farmers, industry professionals, civil society members, and academics. Her instrumental role in gaining international recognition for agriculture’s pivotal role in sustainable development at the UN Rio 20+ conference stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication.


Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Anderson has been granted lifetime memberships in esteemed associations, including the Canadian, Manitoba, and Alberta Seed Growers’ Associations. Her relentless pursuit of identity preservation within the food production chain and her instrumental efforts in establishing Canadian oats as the primary supplier to the Mexican export market have propelled the Canadian agricultural sector to unprecedented heights.


As we honour Robynne Anderson’s induction into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame, we celebrate a visionary leader, a catalyst for change, and a trusted collaborator. Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to future inductees and underscores the transformative power of unwavering dedication and passion within the agricultural industry.