Alfred Bagg

Alfred Bagg was an outstanding farmer who achieved his greatest fame as a breeder and exhibitor of Jersey cattle. Alf established a herd of Jerseys in 1912 on a farm that was considered to be one of the poorest in Vaughan Township. Under his progressive management, this farm became one of the most productive in the county, and his herd, one of the most famous in Canada.

He not only knew how to breed good cattle, but demonstrated outstanding showmanship. He had the distinction of having the first accredited Jersey herd in Canada. Furthermore, he was the first Jersey breeder to breed a cow that won the Grand Championship Honours at the Canadian National Exhibition, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the National Dairy Show in the same year. This cow, Edgeley Dreaming Countess, captured these coveted awards in 1935.

During the years before the Second World War, Alf Bagg was Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor at the Royal on five and 10 occasions respectively. Six bulls bred by him have qualified as superior sires. As evidence of his interest in other phases of agriculture, he was also a successful exhibitor of Clydesdales, hay, and certified grain. In addition, he took an active interest in all agricultural organizations in his local community.

Nominated By:
  • T.M. Redelmeier