Cecil Ivor Delworth

Cecil Delworth believed in and worked on the principle that progress comes through the study and application of the results of the study to the day-to-day problems of the industry. As the result of his dedication to this principle, he developed many of the techniques currently employed by successful greenhouse flower producers.

As a plant breeder he is recognized as the developer of superior varieties of chrysanthemums and snapdragons.

Being completely unselfish, he was ever willing to share his knowledge with those in the industry. In the process he addressed many meetings of horticulturists in various parts of Canada and the United States and wrote numerous articles, which were widely circulated through the medium of the press.

Mr. Delworth was active in organizations associated with horticulture. He served as president of the Allied Florists and Growers of Canada Inc., and as a director of the Canadian Horticultural Council. Locally he is remembered as a member of the floriculture committee of the Royal Winter Fair.

Following his untimely death in 1966, his many friends, in appreciation of his contribution to the industry, organized the Cecil Delworth Foundation, the purpose being to provide the means by which the present urgent requirements for more knowledge at all levels of the industry can be met.

Nominated By:
  • Jack Calvert; a friend and admirer