Christian Tyndall Sutter

Christian Tyndall Sutter was born in Redvers, in southeastern Saskatchewan in 1919, the same year his father established a herd of purebred Hereford cattle. Although these two incidents were unrelated, Chris Sutter devoted a good portion of his adult life to the promotion of the Hereford breed in Canada and around the world.

Chris Sutter took over the management of his father’s farm when he returned from the Second World War where he served with the RCAF. In 1947 he renamed it the Aqua Hollow Hereford Farm. This name became well-known throughout the world as Sutter exported his prime breeding stock to England, Scotland, Spain, Chile, Japan and the United States.

Over the years Mr. Sutter has devoted much of his time to the breeders’ associations and the livestock industry. He has been active in the community agricultural society, the Saskatchewan Stockgrowers’ Association, the Saskatchewan Cattle Breeders’ Association, the Southeast Saskatchewan Hereford Association and the Canadian Hereford Association

But perhaps Chris Sutter’s most publicized contribution to the livestock industry has been his organization and promotion of Agribition. Chris’s persistence and skill in establishing Agribition as one of the world’s best livestock shows has been remarkable. There were many people who doubted Agribition would survive past its first year - but it did and continues to grow from strength to strength. Agribition has substantially increased Saskatchewan’s livestock sales and led to the development of higher standards within the industry.

Chris Sutter still manages Aqua Hollow Hereford Farm in Redvers, Saskatchewan, in partnership with his three sons.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Western Agribition
  • Saskatchewan Hereford Association