Claude Hayes

Claude Hayes’ entire career has been spent in the field of bovine artificial insemination. His leadership skills provided the thrust in developing what has become Canada’s largest sire-proving and artificial insemination organization – Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec inc. The impact of his activities influenced and affected the quality of cattle across Canada.

As general manager of CIAQ, Mr. Hayes established a young sire-proving program for dairy bulls. This program increased from five bulls in 1967 to 169 bulls in 1987, and has become the largest proving program in Canada.

During his career, Claude Hayes developed policies for making semen and AI services accessible to each and every breeder in Quebec. He played a major role in the eventual inclusion of CIAQ as a member of Semex Canada, the Canadian semen export company. In addition, he was the first involved in the research and development of bovine semen freezing methods in Quebec. Claude was involved in a program for introducing continental European beef bulls into Quebec, with progeny distributed across North America.

Active in industry affairs, Mr. Hayes has served as director, Canadian Association of Animal Breeders’ Director, Semex Canada; CIAQ representative to the National Association of Animal Breeders, and Quebec director of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Claude Hayes was awarded the Medal of Merit of the Quebec Order of Agrologists in 1984.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Association of Animal Breeders