Col. T.L. Kennedy

A great humanitarian who trusted the people and who, in turn, was trusted by them. As evidence of this mutual trust T.L. Kennedy was elected to public office for more than 25 years, during which time he served as Premier for 18 months and Minister of Agriculture for 15 years.

Because he trusted farmers, Col. Kennedy sponsored legislation which empowered those who saw fit to avail themselves of its provisions to regulate and control the marketing of their own products.

He was a firm believer in the need for agricultural education. To enable more young people to obtain proper training he greatly expanded facilities at the Ontario Agricultural College and at the agricultural school and institutions operated under the Ontario Department of Agriculture.

It was his firm conviction that a strong extension service was essential to the dissemination of information obtained as a result of experiments and research; thus he was responsible for enlarging the service to include specialists in most phases of agriculture.

Above all, Col. Kennedy was interested in the welfare of young people. Being a devout believer in the future of Canada he devoted a great deal of energy to the promotion of projects designed to better equip young people to cope with the problems of the future.

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