David Lawrence Kirk

David Kirk was born in Saskatoon and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. Following 10 years as national secretary, he served as executive secretary of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, 1963-1985.

David also served as executive secretary, Dairy Farmers of Canada, and Canadian Egg Producers’ Council, 1968-1985.

Mr. Kirk provided leadership both nationally and internationally to a wide range of general economic and agricultural policies and programs through various policy and advisory bodies. At the international level, he was a member of the policy committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, chairman of the Grains Committee 1972-1985, a member of the Canadian-American committee of the Private Planning Association, and a member of the Food and Agriculture committee of the US National Planning Association.

On the national level, David was a member of the Economic Council of Canada; the Canadian Consumers’ Council; the Canadian Council on Rural Development; and the C.D. Howe Research Institute. He provided strong leadership to the development of the National Milk Marketing Plan and initiation for national conferences on swine improvement and egg grading, which led to the formation of the Canadian Pork Council, Canadian Egg Marketing Agency, and the Canadian Egg Producers’ Council.

In recognition of his outstanding service, David Kirk was awarded the Gold Medal by the Dairy Bureau of Canada; Certificate of Excellence Award by the Ontario Milk Marketing Board; the Centennial Medal (1987); the Queen’s Centennial Medal (1975); and the McLean Lectureship, University of Guelph.

Nominated By:
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada