Dr. Andrew Smith

Although many attempts to establish veterinary colleges in North America had failed, Dr. Andrew Smith undertook his notable experiment in 1862 under the authority of the Agricultural and Arts Association. The college, which he founded that year, has the distinction of being the oldest veterinary school in continuous operation in the Americas. The fact that it succeeded, where others had failed, is a tribute to Dr. Smith’s leadership and earned for him the title: “The Father of Veterinary Medicine in America.”

Perhaps his greatest influence on agriculture was exerted through the services of the many men who graduated during the 46 years that he served as principal of the institution.

Aside from his academic activities, Dr. Smith was a founding member of the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, the predecessor to the Canadian National Exhibition, and served as its president in 1901 and 1902. In addition, he was a founding member of the Toronto Hunt Club.

Nominated By:
  • Staff of the Ontario Veterinary College