Dr. Charles W. Gibbings

Born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Charles Gibbings spent more than 30 years working in the public policy arena on behalf of western Canadian farmers. After a brief period farming on his own, he entered the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1942.

Dr. Gibbings’ distinguished career with Saskatchewan Wheat Pool began when he was first elected delegate. He was later elected director for his district, vice-president of the organization, and in 1960 became president for nine years. During his tenure, he established an international profile, appearing before the United States Commission on Food and Fibre, and actively promoting discussions with representatives from the American agriculture industry.

A strong advocate of international co-operation among grain exporting countries, Charles Gibbings was involved in three sets of international wheat agreement negotiations. In 1962 and 1967, he attended the talks in Geneva as an advisor to the Canadian delegation, and in 1970-1971 as deputy leader. A life-long supporter of orderly marketing of grain, he served as chairman of the Canadian Wheat Board Advisory Committee, as well as commissioner of the Canadian Wheat Board.

In 1967, Charles Gibbings was named a Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada. At that time, it was written that his most outstanding contribution has been in the influence he has exerted, both in Canada and abroad, toward the expansion of markets for Canadian grain, and in his emphasis on the responsibility which Canada and other developed countries must assume in assisting the development of emerging nations.

Nominated By:
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool