Dr. D.M. McEachran

During his early years, Dr. McEachran’s time was divided between the duties connected with his private veterinary practice at Woodstock and those associated with teaching at the newly established veterinary college at Toronto.

While still a young man he founded the Montreal Veterinary School, which was the predecessor to the present veterinary school at St. Hyacinthe.

Around 1875 he became Canada’s first chief veterinary inspector and while, serving in that capacity, recommended the establishment of a quarantine station at Point Levis, Quebec.

The policy of holding imported animals in quarantine for a definite period of time before being released, which was adopted then, has remained in effect. Undoubtedly the adoption of this policy has contributed greatly to Canada’s freedom from diseases that have caused severe losses elsewhere.

In 1881, Dr. McEachran established a large ranch in Alberta. Thus he can be listed among the comparatively small number of persons who pioneered in the business of large scale ranching in Canada.

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