Dr. David Chalack

Dr. David Chalack is a leader, a mentor, a visionary and an outstanding advocate for Canadian agriculture. He was a leader from the beginning of his career. Following his graduation from the University of Saskatchewan with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1975, David became a partner at Moore & Company Veterinary Clinic. He was an early pioneer in the practice of herd health and the entire concept of preventative herd medicine, something now common to all veterinary clinics. He has since conducted seminars in animal breeding, herd health and conformation in over 10 countries.

David joined Alta Genetics in 1989 and tirelessly promotes Canadian cattle genetics around the world. He is an official judge for Holstein Canada and has judged international dairy shows in 15 countries. He loves a well-bred cow, but 20 years ago was a lone voice in the call for changes to the Canadian Holstein. He envisioned a smaller animal with style and correct structure – an animal meant for a longer productive life, not an overly large framed cow bred strictly for the show ring. Canadian genetics evolved to match his vision.

David is a partner in Rocky Mountain Holsteins, a farm known internationally for its breeding program and show ring success. In 2008, the farm had the highest genetic index (LPI) herd in western Canada and fourth in Canada for herds 75 head or larger. Their Rocky Mountain High Sale series has brought thousands of people and millions of dollars into Alberta from locations all around the world.

For over 35 years, David has been involved with the Calgary Stampede. During his period as chair and president of the Board, 2009 – 2011, he implemented a new animal welfare policy, one that includes independent reviews and public engagement, and is now being copied by other large exhibitions.

He also has served as a director of Horse Racing Alberta, a member of the Dean's advisory council for the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine Faculty, the Ministerial Advisory Board for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, The Canadian Livestock Genetics Association, the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Livestock Genomics and the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd., to name just a few. He helped garner a $20-million investment by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd. to support genomics research with Genome Alberta – a program attracting the best scientists to work for the improvement of Canadian livestock.

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  • Canadian Livestock Genetics Association