Dr. Douglas G. Moore

Dr. Moore is recognized as one of the pioneers in the establishment of artificial insemination as a tool for genetic improvement of the Canadian cattle population. His leadership over many years was of particular value and significance to cattle breeders in the Maritime provinces.

Following private veterinary practice, Douglas Moore joined the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture where he developed an artificial insemination program for the province. In the mid- 1950s, he developed a similar program for Prince Edward Island to eventually serve all the cattle population of that province. Dr. Moore actively fought for market share in semen export sales and actively promoted sales to many parts of the world.

Dr. Moore developed a distribution service for local deliveries of semen and nitrogen, and in those areas of the province unable to support a technician, a program was initiated to train breeders to do their AI and store semen at their farms. Dairymen in outlying areas continue to benefit through this arrangement. He began freezing semen in 1954, the first to do so commercially east of Ontario.

Active in several organizations, Douglas Moore was a founding member of the Canadian Veterinary Association, founding member and director of Semex Canada and was actively involved with the Ontario Association of Animal Breeders and Canadian Association of Animal Breeders.

Dr. Moore received the national award of merit from the Canadian Association of Animal Breeders. and in 1988 was inducted to the New Brunswick Dairy Hall of Fame in recognition of his contribution to the dairy industry in eastern Canada.

Nominated By:
  • New Brunswick Milk Marketing Board