Dr. George W. Robertson

Born in Dumfries, Scotland, Mr. Robertson migrated to Canada in 1909. Shortly after settling on a farm in the Wynyard District, he joined the Saskatchewan Wheat Growers’ Association. In this capacity he used his influence to promote the organization of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and became its first secretary in 1924.

Realizing the necessity for united action, Dr. Robertson advocated co-operation between provincial wheat marketing organizations. His views prevailed, resulting in the formation of a Central Wheat Marketing Agency.

He used the same approach in international affairs and in 1931 was invited to present the views of organized Canadian wheat growers at the first International Wheat Conference convened in Rome. Later he served as a Canadian delegate to the International Wheat Conference in London, Washington and Geneva.

Mr. Robertson was truly one of the pioneers in the development of co-operative wheat marketing, both on a national and international scale. In 1954, he was recognized for this contribution to Canadian agriculture by the University of Saskatchewan, which conferred upon him an honourary Doctor of Laws degree.

Nominated By:
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool