Dr. J.H. Grisdale

During his tenure of office as director of Experimental Farms, Dr. J.H. Grisdale performed an outstanding service in co-ordinating and expanding Canada’s agricultural research program. New divisions dealing with field crops and livestock were established and a program for the establishment of illustration stations in the various provinces was initiated.

While Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Canada, many new policies pertaining to the marketing of farm products were introduced at his direction. The grading policies formulated at that time form an integral part of Canada’s present marketing system.

Because of his exceptional knowledge of all phases of agriculture, Dr. Grisdale served on many international committees. In 1922, he was agricultural advisor to the Canadian delegation to the Imperial Conference; in 1926, he was advisor to the Prime Minister at the Imperial Conference; and in 1927, he headed the Canadian delegation to the Imperial Research Conference.

Dr. Grisdale was a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of the American Genetic Association.

Nominated By:
  • James Bremner