Dr. Malcolm B. Davis

Dr. Malcolm Davis is best known for his dynamic leadership in Canadian horticulture for half a century. His work formed the foundation of much of the present research in breeding nutrition, physiology, and storage and processing of horticultural crops in Canada.

During his distinguished career, Dr. Davis served as manager of Sunnyside Farms, secretary of the United Fruit Company Limited in Nova Scotia, pomologist at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, and in 1933, was appointed Dominion Horticulturist.

Fruits, vegetables, and hardy ornamental varieties developed during his term are still grown commercially and used by breeders for improving varieties today. He pioneered and successfully established apple growing in the eastern townships of Quebec, which led to the founding of the Canadian frozen food industry.

In recognition of his contribution to horticulture, Dr. Davis was awarded fellowships in the Agricultural Institute of Canada, the American Society for Horticulture, the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and honourary life memberships in the Canadian Society for Horticultural Science and the Western Canadian Society of Horticulture. An Honourary LL.D. was conferred on Dr. Davis by McGill University.

Nominated By:
  • Agricultural Institute of Canada