Dr. Seager Wheeler

A native of the Isle of Wight, Seager Wheeler migrated to Saskatchewan in 1885. After working for a few years on his uncle’s farm, he commenced homesteading in the Rosthern district, specializing in seed production.

He first attracted public attention in 1911 as a result of winning the world championship in wheat in New York. In the seven years following he won four more world championships with wheat produced on his farm.

Intensely interested in plant breeding, he originated four varieties of wheat: Early Triumph, Kitchener, Red Bobs and Supreme. Two of these varieties, Kitchener and Red Bobs, made a significant contribution to the agricultural economy of western Canada.

Although his name is usually associated with wheat, he played an active role in the improvement of oats, barley and potatoes.

He joined the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association in 1908 and took a leading part in its affairs throughout the balance of his life.

In 1919, his book, Profitable Grain Growing, was published by Grain Growers’ Guide Limited. In recognition of his great contribution to agriculture, a doctoral degree was conferred upon him by Queen’s University in the same year.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Seed Growers’ Association