Dr. Walter Russell Shaw

Dr. Shaw has led a diverse life, with a constant goal towards the betterment of agriculture on Prince Edward Island. His career included agricultural extension work, journalism, farming and politics.

Dr. Shaw was keenly interested in young people and his development of school fairs, the boys and girls calf clubs, and young men’s heifer clubs led to the establishment of the 4-H movement in Prince Edward Island.

During his years as Prince Edward Island Livestock Superintendent, he established a provincial policy whereby all cattle were tested for bovine tuberculosis. He upgraded swine and Clydesdale breeding stock and improved sheep and poultry policies. As a result, Dr. Shaw was placed on the first Maritime Livestock board of directors.

As Deputy Minister of Agriculture, he took an active part in developing standing fields of grain competitions and seed fairs, established the Eastern Canada Potato Marketing Board in Ottawa, improved co-operative handling of livestock, and established the island veterinary services.

In 1957, Dr. Shaw became leader of the provincial Conservative party and subsequently, Premier of Prince Edward Island and Minister of Agriculture from 1959 to 1966. He continued to lead the opposition until his retirement in 1972.

Dr. Shaw has received many honours. He was decorated by Royalty on three occasions: a Jubilee Medal in 1935, a Member of the British Empire and citation in 1950, and a Coronation Medal. He received an honourary Doctor of Laws degree from St. Dunstan’s University and Mount Allison University, and was awarded the Canada Medal of Merit and Order of Canada.

Nominated By:
  • 4-H Council of Prince Edward Island