Duncan O. Bull

A renowned breeder of Jersey cattle whose contribution to the breed resulted in Canadian Jerseys in general, and Brampton Jerseys in particular, becoming famous throughout the world.

Duncan O. Bull, or D.O. as he was affectionately known, imported the best cattle that could be procured on the Island of Jersey. He exercised sound judgment in the blending of these imported bloodlines with those of home-produced stock, thereby producing animals that found ready sale in all parts of the world where Jerseys are raised.

More importantly, he played a leading part in raising the status of the Jersey from that of a family cow to a place of eminence in the dairy industry.

Among his many other activities he derived the greatest satisfaction from his associations with the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He was one of the founders, a charter member and the third president of this great organization.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Jersey Cattle Club