E.A. Partridge

E.A. Partridge was an ardent campaigner for improved agricultural conditions who played a leading role in the establishment of the Grain Growers’ Grain Company.

At a meeting held in Sintaluta, Saskatchewan, in 1904, E.A. Partridge unveiled a plan for the co-operative marketing of grain and in the months following, he continued to promote the idea at every opportunity. His hopes and aspirations in this regard became a reality in 1906 with the formation of the Grain Growers’ Grain Company.

In 1908, he became publisher and editor of the Grain Growers’ Guide, the predecessor of the Country Guide. Through this paper and other media of communication, he played a leading role in influencing the Manitoba government to become actively engaged in the operation of country elevators.

In the hope of reducing transportation costs on grain shipments destined for Europe, Mr. Partridge became a leading exponent of a plan involving the construction of a railway to Churchill, on Hudson Bay.

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  • United Grain Growers Limited