Edward T. McLaughlin

Ed McLaughlin served the Canadian seed industry with distinction for almost 50 years. He has been instrumental in promoting the production of pedigreed seed of Canadian-bred varieties and furthering their use by farmers all across Canada. His expertise in pedigreed seed has been put to use by the Canadian government and he has led several delegations abroad, seeking new markets for Canadian pedigreed seed in Japan, Russia, South America, Europe and China.

From 1964 to 1981 Mr. McLaughlin was secretary and general manager of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. One of his major accomplishments during his tenure at the CSGA was the strengthening of the association’s financial position. He was an able administrator who developed sound and lasting relationships within the industry.

Under his leadership the production of pedigreed seed in Canada rose from 522,000 acres in 1964 to 936,000 acres in 1981.

Ed is also the past president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association and past president of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies. The membership of the AOSCA is mainly American and Ed was the first Canadian to hold the post of president. His major contribution during his term was to promote certification legislation that was beneficial to agriculture in both Canada and the United States. Ed was also a founding member of the SeCan Association, set up to promote the production and use of Canadian pedigreed seed.

With his knowledge, skill and dedication to the pedigreed seed industry in Canada, Ed McLaughlin has played a very prominent role in the production of better varieties of pedigreed seed for Canada’s diverse agricultural needs.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Seed Growers’ Association