Frederick Campbell

Following a tenure of 14 years in the Extension Service of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Fred Campbell served as general manager of the Ontario Stock Yards, Toronto, for 25 years. He always believed in the principle of a strong central marketing system, and the Ontario Stock Yards expanded and strengthened under his direction.

Mr. Campbell was the first to introduce the Dutch auction system of selling in Canada. This method was first used in selling veal, hogs and cheese. He also introduced the auction selling of livestock at the Ontario Stock Yards, a system that is still in existence.

During his management, a new large exchange building was constructed. This enabled the Ontario Stock Yards to serve livestock producers much more efficiently.

A hobby of great interest to him was the genetics of livestock breeding, particularly with Standard-bred horses. He contributed numerous articles to Canadian sports publications emphasizing genetics and nutrition, and was pedigree consultant to breeders in both the United States and Canada.

Fred Campbell served as a director of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, president of the Canadian Stockyard Managers’ Association, and vice-president and secretary-manager of the National Livestock Markets Association. He also served as trustee of the American Livestock Marketing Association.

Nominated By:
  • Toronto Livestock Exchange
  • Ontario Stock Yards Board