George Graham Earley

For over 40 years, George Graham Earley, a Middlesex County farmer and auctioneer, has dedicated his life to Canada and the agricultural community. He has provided the news media (both print and electronic) with countless upbeat stories about farming and the critical role it plays in our national mosaic. He is a cattleman, Angus breeder, importer and judge, renowned throughout North America. His breeding programs result in an annual calf production sale, which has become one of the most dynamic sources of show cattle in Canada. His influence also extends to the sheep industry.

One of George Earley’s greatest strengths is the ability to recognize market trends in the beef industry and to convince judges, exhibitors and market personnel to incorporate such change for the benefit of the industry. The results are improved breeding stock, additional show ring performance and financial success for those making the changes.

Through the Earley family farm, Hillcrest Farms, George pioneered an aggressive import program for exotic beef breeding stock aimed at producing carcasses in response to changing market demand. George clearly demonstrated that there is a place in the beef industry for crossbreeding alongside purebred breeding programs.

George has been called “one of the Great Stockmen of our time.”

By focusing on specialized crop production in the mid-‘60s, George demonstrated that a balanced interest in soils, crops and machinery could have a positive financial impact on his farm. George also has a passion for auctioneering and sales management and his skills are recognized both nationally and internationally.

In addition to establishing a judging reputation internationally in the show ring, George Earley shares his knowledge with his children, industry associations, 4-H, Junior Farmers' programs, and judging clinics. He works to keep farm children in agriculture and thus attracts a steady stream of young people seeking guidance. For over 25 years he has been involved in teaching, lecturing, demonstrating, advising, mentoring and helping young people with their involvement in Canadian agriculture. Countless young farmers have excelled at livestock production because of George Earley’s counsel.

George Graham Earley is a role model for farmers, business leaders, the disabled, and parents. He is a fitting member of the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.

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  • Canadian Angus Association