George Lane

Born near Des Moines, Iowa, George Lane migrated to Alberta in 1882. Upon arrival there, he accepted the position of foreman for the Northwest Cattle Company, an organization whose main operations were conducted at the Bar U Ranch.

In 1902, Mr. Lane purchased a majority interest in the famous ranch and increased the livestock population to the point where it was carrying about 40,000 cattle and over 1,000 horses. Included in the latter were about 750 head of registered Percherons, many of which were exhibited at the leading fairs in North America. As a result of his large cattle operations he became known as the Cattle King of Alberta.

During the Boer War he sold and shipped thousands of horses to the British government for the use of the armed forces.

On his first visit to Canada in 1919, Edward, Prince of Wales, was so impressed by Mr. Lane’s personality and by the beauty of the country surrounding the Bar U Ranch that he established the equally famous E.P. Ranch on the adjoining property.

Mr. Lane was a member of the "Big Four” and as such, played a leading role in the establishment of the Calgary Stampede

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