Gilbert MacMillan

A native of Dalry, Scotland, Gilbert MacMillan emigrated to Canada in 1904. During the next seven years he was farm manager of three prominent Ayrshire breeding establishments in the United States.

In addition to operating a successful farm enterprise he played a prominent role in farm organizations. Between 1920 and 1930 he served four terms as president of the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association of Canada, also as acting Secretary (1927.) He was a president of the National Dairy Council 1936-41, the only farmer ever to serve in that capacity. In 1946 he was elected chairman of the Canadian National Live Stock Records, and from 1949 through 1957 had the distinction of being president of the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Mr. MacMillan was a writer of considerable note, being a frequent contributor to the farm press of Canada and of his native Scotland.

In recognition of his many contributions to agriculture, he was awarded the OBE, King George VI Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal and the Canadian Centennial Medal.

Nominated By:
  • Ayrshire Breeders’ Association of Canada