Harry C. Greenlaw

Although Harry C. Greenlaw had many interests, he was best known for his contribution to the potato industry. Being a large grower he was intensely interested in expanding the market for this product, hence was one of the first men to explore the possibilities of marketing Canadian seed potatoes in South America. Upon learning that the prospects were favourable he proceeded to develop the market, particularly in Argentina and Uruguay.

A man of many talents he served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the New Brunswick Potato Shipper’s Association of which he was president for 18 years, and the New Brunswick Seed Growers’ Association.

In 1960 he was president of the Canadian Horticultural Council. Mr. Greenlaw assisted in the organization of the Dairy Farmers of Canada and was a member of the first board of directors. Locally he served as president of the New Brunswick Dairyman’s Association and as a director of the Farmer’s Dairy.

Nominated By:
  • New Brunswick Seed Growers’ Co-Op Ltd.