Hon. Adelard Godbout

A man who devoted his life to the improvement of agriculture and to the social and economic development of his native province.

During his career, Adelard Godbout served as professor of animal husbandry at Ste. Anne de la Pocatière, a Minister of Agriculture and Premier of his native province, Senator, and successful farmer.

While in public office many progressive policies were introduced, including: the establishment of Quebec Hydro; the extension of hydro to rural areas; the development of agricultural lands in northern Quebec; the establishment of a drainage plan thereby paving the way for the reclamation or improvement of thousands of acres of wetlands; the establishment of a sugar beet industry; the introduction of compulsory; free education; and the extension of the voting franchise to women.

In 1949, he was appointed to the Canadian Senate and in the years following this appointment became actively engaged in farming, specializing in the production of Shorthorn cattle and apples.

Nominated By:
  • Quebec Society of Purebred Livestock Breeders