Hon. George S. Henry

Throughout most of his lifetime Hon. George S. Henry, LLD. devoted his many talents and boundless energy to the service of the public. Starting in 1903, when he was elected to the township council in East York, his pubic career covered the next 40 years. During that period he held the portfolios of agriculture and public works and highways. In recognition of his administrative ability, he was elevated to the post of Premier in 1930.

While Minister of Agriculture he played an important role in organizing the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and had the distinction of being one of the charter members of the association.

During his term as Minister of Public Works and Highways the facilities at the Ontario Agricultural College were expanded. Of equal importance to agriculture was his contribution to the Good Roads program of Ontario.

Although his Holstein herd was highly regarded from coast to coast and a constant source of pride to him, Mr. Henry recognized that it was necessary for farmers to take an interest in milk marketing. Being dissatisfied with marketing conditions prevailing at the time, he urged his fellow dairymen to join with him in organizing the Farmer’s Dairy. When the company began to operate, he served as its first president.

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