Hon. W.C. Good

In addition to being an outstanding farmer, W.C. Good was one of the great leaders in agricultural organizations.

In recognition of his achievements as a livestock breeder, he was awarded a Master Breeder’s shield by the Holstein-Friesian Association, partly as the result of breeding and owning two cows that established Canadian production records.

Better known for his connection with agricultural organizations, he was one of three men who drafted the constitution of the Canadian Council of Agriculture in 1909. Four years later he served as president of the Dominion Grange and Farmers’ Association.

Mr. Good was one of the founders and first president of the United Farmers’ Co-Operative Limited (later the United Co-Operatives of Ontario.) He served as president of the Co-Operative Union of Canada from 1921-1945.

Mr. Good was a member of the Parliament of Canada from 1921-1925, where he vigorously advocated the establishment of a central bank and electoral and parliamentary reform.

He was the author of two books: Production and Taxation in Canada, and Farmer Citizen; as well as many pamphlets such as, Is Democracy Doomed? Industrial Conflict, and Which Way Peace.

For many years he served on the Board of Governors of his alma mater, the University of Toronto.

Nominated By:
  • United Co-Operatives of Ontario