J. Charles Yule

An outstanding judge of livestock, particularly beef cattle, who won the respect and inspired the confidence of livestock breeders everywhere.

Although Charlie Yule was a breeder, importer and exporter of distinction, he made his greatest impact on the livestock industry as a judge. Early in life his talents in this field were recognized, and as a result, his services were in constant demand to judge the major shows in Canada, United States and Great Britain. Because of the wide area in which he operated, it can truly be said that during his active years, he did more to establish the type of our beef cattle than any other man. While he was an ardent supporter of the belief that beef cattle should show evidence of size for age, he steadfastly maintained that quality should not be sacrificed for size.

Between 1940 and 1951 he served as managing director of the Calgary Stampede and under his guidance, the livestock activities of that show were greatly expanded. During the same period he managed the Calgary Bull Sale and helped to develop it into the largest annual bull sale on this continent.

Nominated By:
  • Hays Farms Limited