J.J. Morrison

A man who dedicated his life to promoting the welfare of farmers and who was rewarded for his efforts by becoming recognized as the Dean of Farm Organization Leaders in eastern Canada.

JJ, as he was affectionately known, spent the early years of his life furthering the interests of three farm organizations: The Farmers’ Association, the Dominion Grange and the Canadian Council of Agriculture. Between 1907, when the Farmers’ Association amalgamated with the Grange, and 1916, he served as secretary of the combined organization.

Undoubtedly his greatest achievement stems from the role he played in organizing the United Farmers of Ontario and the United Farmers’ Co-Operative Company Limited. When these two organizations were formed in 1914, he became secretary-treasurer of each and served in that capacity for the United Farmers until 1933 and for the Co-Operative Company until 1935.

When the United Farmers’ Party was elected in 1919, he was offered the post of premier, but declined and promptly nominated E.C. Drury, the man who was chosen to fill the post.

Un homme qui a consacré sa vie à promouvoir le bien-être des agriculteurs et qui a été reconnu comme le Doyen des dirigeants d’organismes agricoles dans l’Est du Canada.

JJ, comme on l’appelait affectueusement, a passé les premières années de sa vie à promouvoir les intérêts de trois organisations agricoles: la Farmers’ Association, le Dominion Grange et le Canadian Council of Agriculture. Entre 1907 et 1916, lorsque la Farmers’ Association s’est fusionnée avec le Dominion Grange et le Canadian Council of Agriculture, il a siégé en tant que secrétaire de l’organisation fusionnée.

Sans doute sa plus grande réussite découle du rôle qu’il a joué dans l’organisation des United Farmers of Ontario et de la United Farmers’ Co-Operative Company Limited. Lorsque ces deux organisations ont été formées en 1914, il est devenu secrétaire-trésorier de chacune d’elles et a occupé ce poste pour les United Farmers jusqu’en 1933 et pour la Co-Operative Company jusqu’en 1935.

Lorsque le Parti United Farmers a été élu en 1919, on lui a offert le poste de Premier ministre, qu’il a refusé. Rapidement, il a proposé E.C. Drury, l’homme qui a été choisi pour occuper le poste.

Nominated By:
  • United Co-operatives of Ontario