James Bowman

A pioneer breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle and Suffolk sheep, whose life was devoted to the improvement of these two breeds. Many of the animals that contributed to the development of Canadian Angus cattle were bred at Elm Park Farm, Guelph, founded by Mr. Bowman in 1891.

When the records of the Angus breed were destroyed by fire in 1894, Mr. Bowman was chosen to select the animals that were to become the foundation of the breed in Canada. Undoubtedly, many of the sterling qualities of modern Angus cattle stem from his action in restricting selections to animals possessing a high standard of excellence and tracing to ancestors imported from Great Britain.

Mr. Bowman served faithfully and well on the directorate of many organizations, including the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association, the Canadian National Exhibition, the Ontario Provincial Winter Fair and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association