James S. Torrance

During the period when horses supplied the power on Canadian farms, James Torrance made many trips to Scotland for the purpose of selecting the best Clydesdale stallions and mares available for export. As the result of his insistence on strength of draughtness and quality, the animals that he imported exerted a profound influence on the Clydesdale breed particularly, and horses, generally.

In the early years of the twentieth century he supplied many of the horses used in the expansion and development of agriculture in western Canada. He was also an important supplier of horses for road and railway construction and for lumbering operations.

Throughout his career he was a prominent exhibitor at major shows in eastern Canada, where his fine animals won many grand championship awards.

Mr. Torrance was closely associated with the Clydesdale Association of Canada during its formative years and served as president for one term.

Nominated By:
  • Ontario Clydesdale Club