Jonathan R. Fox

Recognized as a man of many talents, Jonathan Fox Jr. achieved his greatest fame as a breeder and exporter of Polled Hereford cattle.

His Justamere herd, founded in 1955 on the basis of conformation, soundness and performance, experienced a phenomenal rise to prominence in the ensuing years. During the 1960s and early-1970s, animals bred and exhibited by Justamere Farms won championships at most major shows in Canada and the United States.

The high regard in which this herd was held was tangibly displayed at the dispersal sale held in the fall of 1972 when the offering grossed over one million dollars – the first million dollar Polled Hereford sale ever held anywhere. One bull brought $55,000, thereby establishing a Canadian record for the breed.

Before becoming so deeply involved with Polled Herefords, Mr. Fox attained recognition as a breeder of Holstein-Friesians. Animals from his herd were exhibited annually at the Royal Winter Fair with considerable success. During this period, he was also a leading breeder of Percheron horses, with one of his mares, Justamere Stylish Stella, being grand champion female at the Royal on nine consecutive occasions.

Aside from his achievements as a livestock breeder, Jonathan Fox Jr. was regarded as an outstanding judge, as evidenced by the fact that he was called upon to serve in that capacity at many of the major shows in North America. In the field of public service, he played an active role in the affairs of the dairy organizations of western Canada while engaged in the dairy business and, in 1972, served with distinction as president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

Nominated By:
  • The Saskatchewan Livestock Board
  • Canadian Cattlemen’s Association