Joseph Ernest Hull

Ernie Hull is best known for his development and promotion of the Landrace Swine breed across Canada and around the world.

His first Landrace pigs were imported from Scotland in 1956. Since that time a strict selection policy has continued, thus enabling the Emerald Stock Farms Ltd. to maintain their high degree of excellence.

He was instrumental in opening Ireland to importation in 1975 and, through his efforts, Landrace is now an officially recognized US breed, making for easier Canadian export. Many prominent Landrace herds in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South America, Mexico, Korea, and the United States started from breeding stock selected from Emerald Stock Farms.

Internationally known for his judging skills, he judged at many shows across Canada and around the world, always holding the improvement ad development of the Landrace breed foremost in his mind. Ernie Hull continued to work with government officials to have countries from Continental Europe opened for importation to Canada.

He served the swine industry and his community with distinction as: past president, Canadian Landrace Association; past president, Saskatchewan Landrace Association; past director, Canadian Hampshire Swine Association; past chairman, Crestwell School Board, and past president, Kelliher Co-op Association.

Nominated By:
  • Saskatchewan Livestock Association