Marc Comtois

A pillar of the Canadian Holstein industry, Marc Comtois is the man behind the famous Ferme Comestar and an inspiration to all those around him with his enthusiasm, determination and dedication. He has been changing the face of dairy genetics around the globe, from his Quebec farm, for the past four decades.

The seventh in a family of nine, Marc grew up on a modest dairy farm with an early passion for Holstein breeding. He was just 18 when he started his own dairy farm in 1976 with 44 unregistered cows. He started with very modest financial means but had a valuable and innate instinct for genetics and marketing.

After only three years in the Holstein breeding business, Marc and his wife France Lemieux received their first All Canadian title. And in 1985, he made one of his most important decisions when he bought Elysa Anthony Lea. She would become the dam of Comestar Laurie Sheik – the cow that launched the Comestar line and became one of the most influential dairy cows in history.

The matriarch of the Comestar herd, Laurie Sheik’s genetics were part of the pedigree of 40% of the animals admitted into Holstein Canada’s herdbook in 2006. She is on the pedigree of four Semex millionaire sires from the Comestar herd – an unparalleled accomplishment for a dairy breeder. And she continues to deliver champion genetics seven generations later.

Marc has had an immense and lasting influence on the global Holstein industry. He’s travelled the world as a promoter, marketer and judge. He’s one of the world’s best when it comes to preparing, presenting and marketing dairy cattle. He radiates energy and optimism and his congenial personality makes him a sought-after speaker, mentor, role model and leader.

Ferme Comestar, that Marc operates with his wife and their family, has earned two Master Breeder titles. Among his many awards, Marc has been recognized with the Curtis Clark Achievement Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for his ability, sportsmanship and dedication as a dairy exhibitor. And his work continues as a judge for Holstein Canada and Holstein Quebec.

The family dairy farm began the transition to the next generation in 2013 when three of Marc and France’s four children became co-owners of Ferme Comestar.
A gentleman, entrepreneur, respected ambassador and humble leader, Marc Comtois continues to shape the global success of Canadian dairy genetics – both the business and the brand.

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