Percy H. Moore

Although the name of “Pete” Moore is inseparably linked with Colony Farm, the animals, which he developed there, had a profound influence on the Holstein breed. Colony bloodlines form the basis of the breed in British Columbia and are widely distributed throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Upon being named a pioneer of the Dairy Shrine Club of America he received the following citation: “A colourful leader and educator, he has long been recognized as one of the all-time Master Breeders of dairy cattle. At Colony Farm he developed one of the internationally-honoured, seed-stock herds of the Holstein-Friesian breed.”

In 1941 he was honoured by the University of Wisconsin with a citation which read: “Pete Moore has done as much to implement the art of animal breeding with the modern knowledge of heredity as any man on the American continent.”

Mr. Moore was a director of the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada between 1920 and 1932, and served as president in 1930. In his capacity as director he did much to develop a major dairy show at the Pacific National Exhibition.

Nominated By:
  • Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada