Prof. George Buckland

Professor George Buckland is recognized as the first professional Agriculturalist in this country. He was brought to Canada from England in 1847 by the Honourable Robert Baldwin to survey agricultural conditions. After completing that assignment he decided to remain here and devote his energies to improving those conditions.

In 1848 he was appointed secretary of the Board of Agriculture of Upper Canada and after confederation, served in a similar capacity with the Board of Agriculture and Arts of Ontario. Among his duties was that of supervising the provincial exhibition and the agricultural societies in existence at that time.

In 1852 he was appointed professor and head of the Agricultural Department of the University of Toronto. In the same year he established the first experimental farm connected with a university in Canada on land that forms part of the present campus of the university.

He is credited with having planned the grounds and planted many trees on campus.

During the years 1850-1869 Prof. Buckland was an editor of the Canadian Agriculturalist, a leading farm paper. Through his writings and in other ways, he played an active role in founding the Ontario Veterinary College (1862) and later, the Ontario Agricultural School (1874), the predecessor of the Ontario Agricultural College.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Association