Prof. George E. Day

Professor George E. Day was one of the most widely known and highly respected livestock authorities in North America. Always a gentleman, his presence lent dignity to every organization with which he was associated.

Following graduation from the Ontario Agricultural College in 1893, he was appointed lecturer on animal husbandry. In 1904 he was promoted to the position of full professor and farm superintendent.

While a member of the college staff he played an active role in developing a bacon type hog. He was one of the pioneers in conducting experiments involving crossbreeding, carcass evaluation and rate of gain.

During his tenure of office the college herds and flocks became recognized as being among the best in Canada, a tribute to his talents as a breeder and developer of livestock.

In addition to his academic duties he took an active part in the planning of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and was one of the charter members of that association.

In 1918 he resigned from the college staff to assume the position of secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Shorthorn Association and in the years following, molded the various provincial clubs, each of which had been operating as a separate unit, into a truly national organization.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Shorthorn Association