Prof. George E. Raithby

During his 43 years as a member of the staff of the animal husbandry department, Ontario Agricultural College, Prof. Raithby made an outstanding contribution to the livestock industry. As a teacher, he was particularly effective in training students in the broad field of animal husbandry and, those individuals in turn reacted by disseminating his teachings throughout the length and breadth of this country.

While serving as head of the department, he was responsible for the introduction of several important projects, including the establishment of a steer finishing research unit, an expansion of the swine breeding and research facilities, and the establishment of an animal breeding laboratory, complete with data processing equipment, which is presently the heart of Canada’s sire evaluation programs.

Although primarily engaged in teaching and research, Prof. Raithby was deeply involved in the development and execution of many breed association programs. Recognized as an outstanding dairy cattle judge, he had the distinction of placing the awards at major shows throughout Canada, the United States, Argentina and Australia, thereby exerting considerable influence on type standards and breeding programs in these countries.

He also played a leading role in the formulation of the Selective Registration programs of dairy breed associations, and for many years was an official classifier of the Ayrshire, Guernsey and Jersey breeds in Canada and the United States.

In recognition of his contributions to agriculture, Prof. Raithby was made a Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada in 1952, and in 1973 was named Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, the first person to be so honoured by that institution.

Nominated By:
  • Joint Dairy Breeds Committee