Robert Henry Gordon

Robert Henry Gordon pioneered in converting visions of beef cattle improvement into reality. He won the first John Norquay 4-H trophy for beef Showmanship while on the home farm at Oak Lake, Manitoba, where he obtained a solid foundation in the livestock business.

Bob and his brother Wayne and families at their Souris, Manitoba farm achieved prominence in Shorthorns through production and sale of superior stock and success at Denver and Chicago livestock shows. Bob was chosen Builder of the (Shorthorn) Breed. He leased bulls to the AI industry in the early years, before the practice became popular.

In the '60s, Bob Gordon vigorously pursued inclusion of continental breeds in the Canadian beef industry. As breeder and importer of Simmentals, he was instrumental in formation of the American and Canadian Simmental associations.

Bob Gordon and his wife, Joyce, produced outstanding Hereford and Angus cattle until their five children had completed their formal education. Then Bob concentrated his experience with all breeds as Sire Selector and Manager of the Beef Program with Western Breeders Service. He selected cattle “right for the times” that have turned out to be “breed giants.”

Bob selected for size, meat and muscle in his efforts to add new, functional genetics to the Canadian breeding program for several breeds. While he imported genetics from Europe, breeders from Australia and New Zealand sought out the genetics he amassed in Canada.

Bob Gordon showed and judged cattle at prestigious shows in the USA and Canada. He served as director of the Manitoba Beef Cattle Performance Association and continues support of 4-H work through judging and teaching. He organized the formation of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association, the Shorthorn Lassie Association and the Manitoba Young Cattle Producers’ Award in Brandon to encourage youth to stay in agriculture.

Nominated By:
  • Western Breeders Service
  • Alta Genetics Inc.
  • Joyce Gordon and Family and Fellow Cattlemen