Robert Miller

Robert Miller made considerable contributions to the agricultural industry as an importer, breeder, and exporter of purebred sheep, cattle, horses and ponies, particularly for the benefit of small farmers and breeders.

His first importation was made in 1881, with 26 succeeding trips to the United Kingdom and north-western Europe for the betterment of breeding herds in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

In 1902, the Livestock Association of Mexico conferred an honourary life membership on Mr. Miller for his contributions.

As a representative of four breed associations: Shorthorn, Clydesdale, Hackney and Sheep, he was a founding member of the Canadian National Livestock Records, and served as its first and sixth chairman of the board.

As a member of the Toronto Industrial Exhibition Association, he became a director in 1902, an executive member in 1918 and served as the first farmer president of the Canadian National Exhibition Association in 1924 where he actively supported the formation of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and was a committee member for 12 years.

Recognized internationally as a judge of livestock, some of Mr. Miller’s most gratifying assignments were visits to the Ontario Agricultural College to adjudicate student classes in their placing of show and market animals.

He was an original board member of the Ontario Research Council and an executive member of the International Livestock Exposition, Chicago.

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  • Barstow H. Hiller