Senator Daniel E. Riley

Dan Riley was one of the founders of the Western Stock Growers’ Association, an organization that was destined to become the “Voice of Alberta Cattlemen.” He served as a director from 1913-1921 and as president from 1921-1937. Throughout his record term of office as chief spokesman for the association, he provided dynamic leadership by promoting many programs which, when implemented, proved to be beneficial to cattlemen.

Included in these programs were: the extension of grazing leases on federal lands from three to 21 years, thereby giving ranchers a better opportunity to plan their future operations; the removal of the embargo on Canadian cattle shipments to Britain at a time when the US market was closed or highly protected; the introduction of beef carcass grading; government control over stock yard operations, including commission charges and the bonding of operators; and the establishment of an animal diseases laboratory in western Canada.

In the operation of his own ranch, Mr. Riley was an innovator. Always ready to test any promising new development in agriculture, he was a pioneer in the field of irrigation and one of the first to attempt the growing of Kentucky Blue Grass in the foothills.

Mr. Riley was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1927.

Nominated By:
  • Western Stock Growers’ Association