Senator Harry W. Hays

Senator Harry Hays served Canadian agriculture in many different ways, as rancher, auctioneer, exporter, businessman and public servant.

Harry Hays was perhaps best known as Minister of Agriculture for Canada. As minister, he was instrumental in starting the Veterinary College in Saskatoon, and also the Canadian Dairy Commission and milk marketing boards. He expanded crop insurance programs, instituted a new exhibition livestock classification, and was instrumental in establishing the importation of exotic cattle into Canada.

Mr. Hays served as Privy Councillor and member of the Canadian Senate, from which he acted as chairman of the Canadian Senate Standing committee on Agriculture. He was a delegate to the 29th session of the United Nations General Assembly, and a member of the Canadian Senate Standing committee on Banking and Commerce.

Harry Hays developed and founded the Hays Converter beef breed of cattle. This was the first such breed developed and accepted for registry in Canada.

During his career, Harry received numerous citations and awards. He served in various capacities on many boards of organizations, companies, and breed associations across Canada, including the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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  • Calgary Exhibition and Stampede