Senator Henri C. Bois

During his career as a public servant, Henri C. Bois had the distinction of being professor of Farm Economics at Oka Agricultural Institute, founder and first director of the Farm Economics Division of the Québec Department of Agriculture and founder and first president of la Corporation des Agronomes de Québec.

While director of Farm Economics he served as chairman of the Quebec Fluid Milk Trade Enquiry Commission and later, as chairman of the Quebec Milk Industry Board, a body created as a result of recommendations of the commission. In addition he proposed, and the government enacted, legislation designed to encourage the formation of co-operatives.

In 1938 Mr. Bois became directly associated with the co-operative movement. Concurrently, he served as general manager of la Cooperative Fédérée and vice-president of the Union Catholique des Cultivateurs. His activities in these organizations led to national recognition, resulting in his election to the executive committee of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

In 1957, he was appointed to the Canadian Senate where he became an ardent advocate of aggressive programs in the field of conservation.

Nominated By:
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada