Sydney Blewett Williams

Syd Williams is best known for his distinguished 40-year career as an able public administrator, an effective leader of people, and a recognized authority on the broad aspects of research, production, marketing, and price stabilization.

He provided strong leadership in the establishment of the Federal Task Force on Agriculture (1967-1969), the Canadian Dairy Commission, the Farm Products Marketing Agencies Act, CanFarm, and the Small Farm Development Program.

An MSc graduate from Macdonald College, Mr. Williams joined Agriculture Canada in 1935 and served in a variety of research and administrative roles in Ontario and Nova Scotia before being appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Production and Marketing branch, in 1962. He served as Deputy Minister from 1967 to 1975, following which he was president of Hays and Williams Enterprises Limited, Calgary.

Syd Williams is an Honorary Life Member, Canadian Seed Growers’ Association and a Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada.

Nominated By:
  • Agricultural Institute of Canada