T. Alex Edwards

While serving as chairman of the Canadian National Livestock Records, president of the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association and director of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Alex Edwards exerted a profound influence over the policies of those national organizations.

However, it was as a breeder and exhibitor of purebred Aberdeen Angus cattle that he made his greatest contribution to agriculture in general and the livestock industry in particular.

Although Alex started his show ring career in a modest way by exhibiting a few steers, he had aspirations of owning a purebred herd. The opportunity came during the Depression, when in partnership with his brothers, a small but select group of Aberdeen Angus females was acquired. This was followed by the purchase of Blackbird Bandolier of Page, a bull that was destined to become one of the immortals of the breed.

Under Alex’s leadership, the brothers proceeded to develop the Bandolier of Anoka family, a strain that was very popular throughout North America for many years. Because of their reputation, members of the Bandolier family were widely distributed throughout Canada and the United States thereby contributing to improvement in many herds.

Alex’s ability as a judge was recognized on numerous occasions, as evidenced by the fact that he had the distinction of placing the awards at the great Perth Show and Sale in Scotland, the International at Chicago, the Royal Winter Fair and many of the other major fairs in Canada.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association