T.J. Pratt

Thomas Pratt played a prominent role in the formation of a Seed Growers’ Organization in Carleton County, New Brunswick, which under his leadership expanded to include the whole province. This organization encouraged the growing of new varieties of registered grain to meet the changing demand at home and abroad.

As seed production increased, Mr. Pratt spearheaded a movement which resulted in the formation of the New Brunswick Seed Growers’ Co-Operative, an organization which was destined to become an important agency in the marketing of the registered seed produced by its members. After this phase of the business was well established, a feed mill was added to utilize the by-product of the seed cleaning plant and to render a feed mixing service.

Although Mr. Pratt was most active in his adopted province of New Brunswick, he became well known among the seed growers and members of the seed trade as a result of serving on the directorate of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association and on the Advisory Seed Board of the Canada Department of Agriculture.

Nominated By:
  • New Brunswick Seed Growers’ Co-Operative Ltd.