The Hon. J.G. Gardiner

A man who has been aptly described as a great Canadian, whose personal history exemplified the stamina required to make Canada great.

Rt. Hon. James G. Gardiner, B.A, LLD. held office continuously for 44 years, a record unequalled in Canadian political history. As Premier of Saskatchewan he did much to improve provincial highways and to extend rural electrification.

His greatest achievements were in the federal field where, as Minister of Agriculture for 22 years, he promoted and expanded PFRA, introduced the Prairie Farms Assistance Act, and granted aid toward the reclamation of low lying lands in the Maritimes.

He directed Canada’s agricultural production program throughout the Second World War, during which this country was a leading contributor to Britain’s food supplies; and guided the program of marketing Canada’s surplus products in the adjustment period, which followed the war.

Despite the many pressing problems associated with his official duties he always retained a keen interest in his farm at Lemberg, Saskatchewan, where a fine herd of Shorthorn cattle was maintained.

Nominated By:
  • Canadian Shorthorn Association