W.A. Crawford-Frost

An outstanding breeder of Hereford cattle whose Caerleon herd became recognized as one of the greatest in North America.

Arthur Crawford-Frost established his first herd of cattle near Nanton, Alberta, following his return from the First World War. Being dissatisfied with the quality of the animals he dispersed the entire herd a few years later and set about to establish a better herd in the foothill country. This herd, comprised of the best animals that he could buy, was headed by a son of Prince Domino, a bull that was destined to make Hereford history.

Animals from the Crawford-Frost herd won top honours at all of the major shows in Canada and the western United States. Sales, some at record prices, were made to all provinces and to many countries throughout the world.

Although he was inclined to shun public office, Arthur Crawford-Frost took an active interest in the affairs of the Calgary Stampede and served as president of the sponsoring organization during the period 1954-56.

The famous Caerleon herd was dispersed a few years before his untimely death in 1957.

Nominated By:
  • Stampede Limited and Calgary Exhibition