Walter D. Jackson

A pioneer in the extension service of the Ontario Department of Agriculture, who later became a distinguished leader in the fairs and exhibitions field.

Following graduation from the Ontario Agricultural College, Walter Jackson was appointed Agricultural Representative in Carleton County. While there he took an active part in developing the Ottawa Winter Fair and served as the secretary-treasurer of this organization during its formative years.

After being called to Toronto in 1920, as assistant director of the Agricultural Representative Branch, he initiated many progressive policies of special concern to extension workers. In 1924 he moved to London to become manager of the Western Fair.

Throughout his career as a Fair manager he was a strong supporter of collective action. Consequently, he played a prominent role in the affairs of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions and the International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions. He served as both secretary and president of the Canadian Association and was one of the few Canadians who have ever been honoured by being elected president of the International Association.

Nominated By:
  • Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies